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shaping the future of aquaculture with technology and teamwork

It all started 20 years ago at a small facility on a small island in Greece. While the journey seemed simple, in practice it took almost two years for the first version of aquaManager to be launched. Nevertheless, through the first version of aquaManager, more and more clients reached out to us, asking to be part of our family. Rather than rest on our laurels, we worked tirelessly on the next version of aquaManager and to introduce hardware to our package of services.

Our collaboration with aquaManager embarked on a mission to craft compelling content that would unveil the story of our client and it is people to the industry.

It became evident that the most authentic storytelling about aquaManager and their ground-breaking influence on the industry would emerge from the individuals driving the company forward and it global solution. Therefore, the WEAREAQUACULTURE team embarked on interviewing key personnel within the company. Our approach involved crafting branded content alongside a strategy to spotlighting not only the products they offer but also the individuals who bring this vision to fruition.

We have combined the storytelling content in print and digital and advertising products. Inspired by our client mission we produced a storytelling series all about aquaManager featuring the insights and expertise of people behind the company.

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