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taking CryoPlankton from research idea to revolutionary hatchery feed

Established in 2008 by its two founders, Dr. Nils E. Tokle and Håvard Aakerøy, Planktonic AS brings to the aquaculture industry a responsible and advanced feed solution, backed by knowledge and evidence. The company has been selling CryoPlankton since 2016 and is now a progressive and leading supplier of live feed to marine hatcheries in Europe. Planktonic's mission is to make life easier by offering products and services that bring consistency, nutritional quality, and increased biosecurity to the aquaculture industry, worldwide.

When Planktonic started the collaboration with WEAREAQUACULTURE, we set out to create a content and tell the untold story of our client to the industry.

It was clear that the best possible storytelling about Planktonic and their revolutionary impact in the industry, will come from people behind the company. So WEAREAQUACULTURE team set out to interview and key peole in the company. Our solution was to create a branded content but also a TalentView to introduce the product they provide but also the story of people making this posiblle.

We have combined the storytelling content in print and digital. Inspired by our client mission we produced a storytelling series all about Planktonic featuring the insights and expertise of people behind the company.

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