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Connect with the aquaculture and seafood industry's most influential and engaged audiences.

Target your desired audience.


Use demographic targeting to reach people based on location, device, age, gender, sector and role.

Reach people in the countries, regions, metro areas, cities, postal codes, or a radius around a location that matter most to your brand.

Layer in additional targeting based on phone model, new devices or carriers, or Wi-Fi connected devices.

Focus on reaching people in specific age ranges using broad (e.g. 18+) or narrow (e.g. 18-24) age targeting.

Exclusively target males or females, or reach people of all genders.

Audience types

Use audience targeting to serve ads based on conversations, events, interests, topics, keywords and engagement.

Use event targeting to join the conversation around the biggest online and offline industry events in the world.

Remarket to people who've already seen or engaged with your previous campaigns or your organic X presence.

Target or exclude people who searched for, Posted, or engaged with specific keywords.

By utilizing Topic Targeting, we can pinpoint and focus on specific, niche content areas that resonate with both brands needs and their target audience. This precision enables brands to reach audiences with accuracy. Moreover, we possess the capability to tailor custom topics for clients.

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